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“amAya” in sanskrit means “The end of illusion” Peace, love and joy is the true state of being, everything else is an illusion. amAya is the fruition and collaboration of a deep and long friendship that has been tested to the hilt – where the journey has been extremely turbulent for both halves…

Niraj Naik and Dr Mrigank Mishra formed amAya in 2004 and it has now evolved into a creative outlet for their spiritually awakening music, sounds and meditations. From their own professional and personal experiences they have developed a great empathy for helping people who are long term sufferers of stress. They now produce music that takes the listener from the low energies of anger, frustration, tension, anxiety and depression to the higher energies of joy, peace and love for all.

Their second album “amAya Spa” are the sounds that resonate from the new amAya health spa located in the heart of the magical island of Langkawi, Malaysia. This is where the exquisite spa named after the band uses amAya’s special blend of deep meditation music to provide novel sound therapy sessions for their clients in a setting that can only be described as paradise. The new album features 10 of their most uplifting meditation tracks featuring soothing soundscapes, intricate electronics, vocals and hypnotic guitars.

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